A modern pen pal relationship between classrooms. But instead of just a letter, send an entire library.


Use your kit to learn about computing and how information moves around the world.

 From  Raspberry Pi Foundation . CC BY-SA
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See the Project Empathy kit

The Project Empathy kit is very easy to use and is based on Raspberry Pi.

Play with the kit

Once you receive the kit, you can keep it as long as you like. Complete dozens of educational computer projects (even play Minecraft) using your Raspberry Pi.

GEMS World Academy Chicago

See how the 7th grade students put their kits together. Read and hear from the students themselves on what they liked and what challenged them.


Turn your kit into a digital library and fill it with a foundation of great content.

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Assemble your Outernet Library

Follow the instructions for turning your Raspberry Pi into an Outernet Library. This entire process should take about 20 minutes.

Get matched with a classroom abroad

Email us when you are ready to build your library. Project Empathy works with schools in over a dozen countries. Learn about your school to help pick good content.

Fill your library with content

What content do people without Internet want? Fill your Outernet Library with your best collection of digital content. You can include your own work and content from the web.


Follow your kit as it makes its way to another country.

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See an installation in Uganda

See one of our very first installations in a school on an island in the middle of Lake Victoria.

Learn about Outernet

When a Project Empathy kit gets installed, it gets connected to a satellite dish so that it can receive Outernet's free datacast of 1 GB/day.

Local Partners

Project Empathy works with some amazing local partners around the world. These partners install Project Empathy kits and support the schools once installed.


Stay in touch with your "sister classroom," hear their feedback on your content, and send more.

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Send more content

You can send as much content as you like through Project Empathy. When you send content it goes to every Project Empathy classroom, not just yours. Look at our map and converse on Twitter with Project Empathy recipients - the possibilities are endless!

Engage on Twitter

All classrooms that receive a Project Empathy kit will be set up with a Twitter account. This is to let the classrooms react to content, interact with their partner classroom, and request additional content. 

Build a Project

We also receive projects back from participating schools, like building a solar oven, a power-generating windmill, or a remote controlled car! Learn from kids around the world, just as they are learning from what you send them.