Local partners play a critical role in Project Empathy. They are the boots on the ground who get Project Empathy kits into the schools that need them.


Meet Carl Meyer. Carl owns Source IT Solutions in Blantyre, Malawi. Carl is leading the charge in Malawi to bring innovative ICT services to places where traditional services just don't work.

Carl was the first person to combine Keepod with Outernet, which pairs a cheap user device with a data service that fits the typical Malawian budget. Now over a dozen "Keepod Points" exist throughout Malawi where people can purchase a Keepod, a $7 PC (included in Project Empathy kits) and connect to the Internet or, more often, Outernet because the Internet is unavailable.

Carl has been featured on the BBC and in numerous local and regional publications profiling innovation.


Current Partners

Local Partners of Project Empathy get Project Empathy kits into the schools that need them in their communities. Local Partners are critical to the success of Project Empathy, so it is important that Local Partners have the capacity to deliver Project Empathy services effectively.

Project Empathy currently has active Local Partners in nine countries.


Become a Local Partner

Currently, Project Empathy is not looking for new local partners as we continue to work with existing partners. If you are interested in hearing about when we do put a call out for additional local partners, subscribe to our newsletter.